February Activities for the Garden
We’ve had a fairly mild winter, but the tasks for the garden in February remain the same.
Round about now, you can chit early potatoes: lay them out in a tray or eggbox with most of the eyes facing upwards. Place the tray in a well-lit, frost-free position. This process is not so necessary for maincrop, but will speed up the harvesting time for first and second earlies.
You can also prepare vegetable plots when the weather is dry and free from frost.  Sow vegetable crops such as Brassica undercover, and onion sets can be started off in modules. Broad beans can also be started off in pots, although in mild areas, they can be sown directly outdoors.
Bare-root trees, shrubs and hedging can be planted if the ground is not too wet or frozen.  This is a cheaper way of buying plants, especially if you are creating a new hedge.
If shrubs need moving, there is still time during February. Prune Dogwoods hard to encourage new stems for next year’s show.
Start sowing summer bedding, eg. begonia and lobelia and plant up containers with colourful primroses and spring bulbs to give a lovely late winter/early spring display.