Things to do in the Garden in April

Famous for its showers, April is an unpredictable time thanks to the changing elements, but it’s best to stick to the usual diary, with the following being a great way to keep your garden flourishing.

This month, plant out any pot-grown broad beans, and earth up your early potatoes.

Prick out annuals sown over the last few weeks – only once they have developed their first true leaves. You can also divide congested clumps of perennials e.g hostas, asters, rudbeckias and monardas.

Start off your dahlia tubers undercover and prune any shrubs that have finished flowering e.g forsythia.

Looking towards the end of the month, start planting your hanging baskets but as we said, the weather is changeable in April, so keep them undercover to protect them from frosts.

You’ll probably have this in mind already, but even if it’s not top of your mind, it’ll become noticeable that you need to increase the frequency of mowing your lawns!

If you’re bereft of a luscious lawn though, this is a good month for laying turf or sowing grass seeds.

Finally, give your roses a good feed, if not already done so and watch out for any whitefly in the greenhouse.

That’s it for April – enjoy your time in the garden, and come and visit us if you have any more horticultural questions.