Things to do in the Garden in March

Like every month, there’s plenty to do in the garden in March, but this is probably the first time this year that you’ll happily spend some time in it, now that the harshest weathers are starting to subside. There’s something about seeing the snowdrops proudly battling the elements, and the sunny daffodils standing strong that tempts you outside.

Your mind will probably be on the vegetable patch, wondering what home-grown produce your little plot will treat you to this year. Now’s the time to plant early potatoes, and your onion and shallot sets. You can also sow your tomatoes and chillies indoors, to keep them from the unpredictable weather.

Putting aside your food growing plans for a moment, you should be planting your summer flowering bulbs. If you haven’t already got round to it, prune any dogwood hard, which will promote new colourful stems in winter.

Feed your brassicas with a nitrogen-rich fertiliser; we’d recommend chicken pellets, as they’re absolutely ideal, but a general-purpose fertiliser will be fine for your beds and borders.

Still on the subject of fertiliser, you can give your acid-loving plants, such as rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias and pieris a boost with an ericaceous fertiliser.

Lastly, dead-head spring bulbs, leaving the foliage, which will encourage blooms next year (except snowdrops, fritillary and aconite as these can self seed).