What should I be planting in February?

What should I be planting in February?

Hopefully in February, the frost will have started to shift – although you never can tell with the British weather – which makes February a great time to plan your spring / summer planting programme.

If the weather isn’t too frosty, you will want to get out into the garden and start to prepare your seed beds. We’d also make some time to clean your greenhouses, if you have them, and all your equipment.

This month marks the sowing of begonias and cosmos, and Antirrhinum can be made.

With an eye on the vegetable garden, it’s time to chit your potatoes to encourage them to sprout, and start your onion sets off under cover in modules. Broad beans are also great for planting in February.

Prune your late summer flowering bulbs to encourage vigour – unless, that us, the frosty weather has stayed around a little longer than hoped.

February is still a good time to plant bare root hedges, and move any deciduous shrubs.

If you have any deciduous ornamental grasses, February is a great time in the calendar to be cutting them back.

Finally, if we do see a shred of sunshine, you should be ventilating your glass houses and conservatories during those warmer days to discourage build up of botritis on over-wintering pelargoniums.