What should I be planting in July?

Your mind may be on warmer climes this month, with eyes on a summer holiday, but you can create a haven in your own backyard with a few simple jobs. Here’s what you should be doing and planting in July…

1. Keep your baskets/tubs well watered, feed once a week and dead head regularly

2. Herbaceous borders can get rather unruly at this time of year, so stake plants with pea sticks or metal hoops.
Dead head plants like lupins to build up the plant.

3. Pick Sweet peas regularly as this will encourage more flowering

4. Gather stems of lavender for drying when the flowers are just opening. Hang in small bunches in the dark.
Mow lawns weekly as this will hep to thicken it, give it a green up feed. Trim and reshape edges.

5. Remove lower leaves on tomatoes as the trusses begin to ripen this will help ripen fruit and improves air circulation deterring fungal diseases.

6. Prune Wisteria cutting back long whippy growth to five or six leaves. This should encourage flowering next year. A second pruning is required later in the year.

7. Give shrubs a summer feed. Weed and fork around the base before scattering slow release granules.

8. Use an Ericaceous feed for Pieris, Rhododendrons and Camelias etc.