What should I be planting in June?

June is a beautiful time to be outdoors. The nights will be light ’til late, so it’s not just about chores in the garden – there’s plenty of chance for dinner al fresco too. Here are our top tips for June’s garden activity:

1 Keep on top of your weeding, as weeds will now be romping away.

2 Fill in any gaps in your borders with summer bedding (there’s plenty of choice and colour at the moment in the garden centre!) and plan for more permanent planting for Autumn. Cosmos is ideal.

3 Spring-flowering Clematis Montana can be hard pruned after flowering if they have become unruly. Give them a good liquid feed afterwards.

4 Pinch out side shoots on tomatoes; do this regularly as they will soon regrow. Then it’s best to tie onto canes as their growth continues. Feed them weekly when the bottom truss has formed.

5 Look out for lily beetle, as these little red pests can be easily removed and squashed.

6 Harden off bedding and liquid feed before planting out.

7 Dead head your Rhododendrons, making sure to destroy any infected with bud blast.

8 Cymbidium orchids can be placed outside in dappled shade, from now until late summer. Be sure that temperatures are constantly above 10c, as this will encourage flowering.